Meet the Candidate ...

Amanda "Mandy" Sammons was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, the oldest daughter of two public school teachers, and the second of four children. From the time she was 9 years old, Mandy always wanted to be a lawyer "so she could help people." While studying law at UT Knoxville, Mandy met and fell in love with a bass fisherman and factory worker from LaFollette by the name of Scott. The rest, as they say, is history. 

Since moving to Jacksboro 12 years ago, Mandy has been proud to call Campbell County home. She serves as a Sunday School teacher in the local missionary baptist church and enjoys hunting, fishing and photographing the natural beauty of our county. 

But it's in the courtroom where Mandy earned her nickname, "the blue-eyed assassin." Since graduating from law school in 2004, Mandy has had the honor and privilege of serving the public as a criminal prosecutor in neighboring Claiborne County. Mandy has spent nearly every day of the past 10 years actively working in the Sessions and Juvenile Courts of multiple counties, seeking justice for victims of crime. She has personally tried many jury cases in Criminal Court ranging from child abuse and rape to First Degree Murder. With a low tolerance for foolishness, Mandy's tough approach to prosecuting crime has earned her a reputation as hard-nosed prosecutor who "goes for the jugular" and doesn't quickly back down from a fight. 

Which brings us to the reason she wants to come home to Campbell county: Mandy is utterly heartbroken at the never-ending cycle of drug abuse, spousal abuse, and child abuse in her own backyard, and she is absolutely determined to do something about it. If elected county judge, Mandy's goal is to make the entire criminal justice system in Campbell County at the sessions and juvenile levels much more efficient and more respectful of the VICTIMS ~ NOT the criminals. As a prosecutor Mandy has always strived to remember that she serves the People, not herself, and that she is sworn to uphold the Constitution, not the whims of persons pulling political strings. 

If elected county judge, Mandy promises to remain committed to the goals that made her a good prosecutor: ensuring that the truth is upheld, seeking justice above conviction, and holding no person in higher esteem than any other, regardless of how they got here. 

It's time for an awakening in Campbell County - not for the same old dog and pony show, but for a renewal. A revival. A rebirth. 

We don't need rehab. We need a revolution. Let's start it today. VOTE AMANDA "MANDY" SAMMONS FOR SESSIONS JUDGE. Thank you for your support.

THANK YOU, CAMPBELL COUNTY!!!! THANK YOU FOR ENTRUSTING ME WITH YOUR VOTE!!! The unofficial Final Numbers were: Amanda Sammons 3,698 / Joe Ayers 3,292 / Kathy Parrott 2,498. 

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